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Dawaseer capsule + Dawaseer gel + Good morning churna


  • Pack of 60 capsules + gel 2 piece + churan 2 piece
  • Goodness of Ayurveda
  • Beneficial in Chronic constipation
  • Reduces hyperacidity, gas

Key Ingredients

Cassia Angustifolia(Sonamakki)
Sodium Chloride(Black Salt)
Foeniculum Vulgare (Saunf)
Carmum Copticum(Ajwain)
Lpomoea Turpethum(Nishoth)
Terminalia Chebula(Himaja)
Embelia Ribes(Vidang)
Glycrrhiza Glabra(Yashtimadhu)

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  • Pack of 60 capsules + gel 2 piece + churan 2 piece
  • Goodness of Ayurveda
  • Beneficial in Chronic constipation
  • Reduces hyperacidity, gas
  • Pack of 2 - 2 x 75 gm
  • Goodness of  Ayurveda
  • Useful in chronic constipation, headache
  • Pack of 60 Capsules
  • Goodness of Ayurveda
  • Relief from stomach pain and indigestion
  • Improves appetite
  • Pack of 200 ml
  • Goodness of Ayurveda
  • Quick relief from Muscular and Joint pains
  • Pack of 30 ml
  • Goodness of Ayurveda
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Guards from various allergies
  • Pack of 2 - 100ml x 2
  • Goodness of Ayurveda
  • Promotes growth of hair
  • Helps control hair fall
ContentRefreshes the morning A Herbal Proprietary Medicine Fidalgo’s SANLAX POWDER is a powerful laxative , specially prepared for those who are suffering from the problem of constipation. It is a pure formulation which contains the various herbs that are used frequently in a Herbal system of health care. Symptoms of constipation :- Straining during a bowel movement Being unable to have a bowel movement A sense that a bowel movement was incomplete A feeling of being blocked up The stools themselves can be dry, hard, and pellet-like (but do not have to be in order for someone to be experiencing constipation) Key Features: By its laxative property very useful in management of constipation. Supports to regulate bowel movement & digestion. May help to facilitate removal of toxins. May help to maintain healthy metabolism & healthy digestive system. DIETARY ADVICE AND LIFESTYLE:- 1. Avoid diet like meat eggs, oils, fats cheese, refined starch products like bread cakes or food which require lot of energy for digestion in summer season 2. Avoid starch, substitute fruits, vegetables, lots of salads bean sprouts, whole grain flour, dried fruits like figs, raisins, prunes 3. Drink plenty of fluids and water, fresh fruit juices reduce intake of salt. 4. Moderate walking after meals. 5. Avoid sleeping immediately after food. 6. Take outdoor exercises like brisk walking, cycling swimming Indications :- Useful in chronic constipation, headache & hyperacidity. Dosage :- ½ to 2 teaspoons as per requirement, at bedtime or as directed by the physician. Precaution :- High dose of Sanlax powder can cause diarrhoea. This product needs to be taken only under medical supervision, especially for kids, during pregnancy. Side Effects :- Nil Contradictions :- Nil Presentation :- It is available in 75 gm pet jar. Storage:- Store in a cool , dark and dry place , away from direct sunlight.FLATULENCE (GAS ) Flatulence is a medical term for releasing gas from the digestive system through the anus. Flatulence, known as Aadhaman in Ayurveda, is caused due to an imbalance of Vata and Pitta Dosha. Pitta is a humor that symbolizes heat or fire. It controls the digestive fire or jatharagni - the fire that helps digest foods. Vata is another humor, which symbolizes air or wind. Low Pitta Dosha and aggravated Vata Dosha result in low digestive fire, thus impairing digestion. Impaired digestion leads to flatulence. Causes Impaired digestion and poor absorption of foods in the small intestines cause flatulence. Certain conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, Crohn's disease or colon cancer, may also cause flatulence. People with scar tissue (adhesions) from abdominal operations or internal hernias may have a sensation of bloating because of increased sensitivity to gas. Additionally, a diet that is low in fiber and a sedentary lifestyle cause indigestion or ama (mucus) formation leading to flatulence. Symptoms Belching and headache in some cases Lethargy and dullness Nausea Loss of appetite Pain or feeling of heaviness in the abdomen AYURVEDIC TREATMENT FOR GAS AND BLOATING If you are suffering from excessive gas formation in your digestive tract, Ayurvedic medicines can provide effective treatment. The problem of gas is a by-product of indigestion and it can either result in intestinal pain or release with unpleasant odour from rectum. The release from mouth is not considered as much of a problem if not too recurrent. The cause of odour in the gas passed through rectum is the presence of bacteria in the large intestine. FIDALGO'S DIGESCID CAPSULES gives relief in bloating, flatulence, indigestion, abdominal pain, Acidity Problems and Peptic Ulcers. This medicine is combination of natural products that improves digestion and gives relief in gas. Diet & Lifestyle Advice:- 1. Stick to a vata-pacifying, easily digestible and nutritious diet. 2. Avoid raw foods, even raw salads and sprouted beans and pulses. 3. Use vata-pacifying herbs like asafetida, celery seeds, cumin seeds and cardamom while cooking. 4. Avoid rice at night. 5. Avoid tea, coffee, late night dinners, alcoholic beverages, aerated drinks, and fermented foods. 6. Always make sure you eat your food in calm and relaxing surroundings, without the disturbance of television or loud music. Food should be warm and freshly prepared and should be taken only when you feel hungry. INDICATIONS :- Relieves gas, acidity problems and peptic ulcers. DOSAGE :- Children : 1 capsule daily with water. Adults : 1 capsule twice daily, half an hour before meals Or as directed by the physicianSYMPTOMS:- • Muscular Pain • Sprain • Lower Back Pain • Joint Pain • Body Ache • Sciatica • Myositis • Fibrositis • Stiffness INDICATIONS:- For quick relief from Muscular and Joint pains, Sprains, Strains, Stiffness, Frozen shoulder and Back pain. To prevent and cure Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, sprains, sciatia, stiff neck, back pain, traumatic inflammatory conditions like, myositis, fibrositis and synovitis. BENEFITS:- 1. Formulated from natural herbs in a most advanced scientific manner 2. Quick & Natural Relief from Pain 3. Gel and Oil are effective in providing Instant Relief by deeper penetration 4. No Side Effects 5. 100% Ayurvedic 6. Purely Herbal PRECAUTION:- Donot apply orthrex gel and orthrex oil on cuts, wounds or sensitive areas. To be applied only on the intact skin. Keep away from eyes, face and children. Orthrex Gel and Orthrex Oil is only for external useImmune System Activator Tulsi (Holy Basil) is an excellent anti bacterial, germicidal, fungicidal and disinfectant and very efficiently protects our body from nearly all sorts of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Fever is mainly caused due to infections from protozoa (in case of malaria), bacteria (typhoid), viruses (flu) and even allergic substances and fungus. The tremendous disinfectant, germicidal and fungicidal properties of Tulsi destroys all these pathogens discussed above and heals fever. It is an old practice in India to have decoction of Tulsi leaves and flowers in cases of fever. The anti-flu property of Tulsi has been discovered by medical experts across the world quite recently. Tulsi improves the body’s overall defence mechanism including its ability to fight viral diseases. Due to its numerous medicinal values, Tulsi is called ‘Queen of Herbs’ and ‘Mother Medicine of nature’. DESCRIPTION :- Disorders of the immune system include: • Allergies • Autoimmune Diseases • Immune Complex Diseases • Immunodeficiency Diseases • Cancers of the Immune System Symptoms of Lack of Immunity • Recurrent infections from cold & cough • Lack of energy without any pathology • Easily trapped by diseases • Less power to fight against diseases • Easily tired and over stressed Root Causes • Microorganisms • Genetic • Virus • Faulty life style and food habits • Pollution • Stress • Metabolic disorders CURE Given its high antioxidant level, IMMUNOTULSI drops work as a natural immune-modulator, boosting anti-viral activities in the body, which helps to strengthen the immune system thereby keeping chances of infections very minimal. Not only can it help boost your immunity level, but also help you recover faster. IMMUNO tulsi may be taken every day for boosting immunity. People with low immunity feel weak and they may suffer from recurrent infections. Tulsi is a popular herb that is used to boost up the immunity and prevent respiratory infections. It also consists of natural anti-oxidants that help to destroy the disease causing free radicals in the body. Thus, tulsi is an important herb for reducing the production of free radicals and for boosting the immunity of the body to fight against several diseases. BENEFITS OF IMMUNO TULSI:- IMMUNO TULSI consists of extracts of three types of tulsi (Vishnu-Priya Tulsi, Ram Tulsi, BisvaTulsi), with Lavanga and shunthi (dried ginger). 1. IMMUNO TULSI is an Anti-oxidant, immune system activator. It boost one’s immunity and also rejuvenate after a bout of illness. 2. It develops an inbuilt strong defense mechanism 3. It acts as a safety sheild against diseases and complaints occuring due to seasonal change and other prevailing infections. 4. It helps body to recover early in case of any illness. 5. It guards from various allergies. 6.It may taken regularly and long term intake of IMMUNO tulsi does not harm any other parts of the body and give strength to the body cells to fight against several attacks of diseases. It prevents infectious diseases by boosting immunity. 7. It may be given to people of all ages; it is absolutely natural and safe and does not produce any harmful effects on other parts of the body. DOSAGE :- Take 3-4 drops of IMMUNO TULSI in a glass of water or juice , two or three times a day or as directed by the physicianUnexplained Hair Fall ? Your hair is your most preciously valued asset. In fact, your hair is so important to your confidence that when it begins to fall out, your self esteem goes with it. After unceasing complaints from our clients about consistent and unexplained hair fall, we formulated a 100% natural hair tonic with scalp repairing herbs that showed potential like no other oil, mask or diet ever had. The hundreds of people who used this oil saw results that exceeded expectations. Fidalgo's NUTRI HAIR OIL (100 ml) and NUTRI HAIR CAPSULES : Recommended For Hair Growth It is a natural formula for keeping your hair healthy, shiny and strong. Using Ayurvedic oils is an old, traditional way of taking care of the scalp and hair. Hair oil helps to maintain hair strength, reduce hair loss and stimulate the growth of hair. Oils penetrate deep into the scalp and help to strengthen the roots of the hair. Ayurveda recommends different hair oils for different purposes like to moisturize the scalp and hair, to prevent hair fall and dandruff, to stop graying and to give shine and smoothness to the hair. NUTRI HAIR OIL helps in the nutrition of the damaged hair. It has a unique combination of different herb oils which prevents hair fall , reduces dandruff and repair damaged follicles,provide nourishment to the hair roots and checks alopecia. The first step in hair loss treatment is to improve circulation to the head/scalp, as well as improve the quality of the blood with specific natural herb remedies such as Amla, Bhringraj, and Brahmi etc. Early intervention is the key to limiting hair loss and promoting hair re-growth. Herbal hair growth vitamins treatment can vary from 3-12 months depending on the severity of the condition and the length of time that the condition has existed. This natural hair growth formula for hair loss and thinning hair will restore overall health and vitality by supplying the basic building blocks through chemical constituents present in the herbs that are necessary to nourish the hair and skin through the Liver and Kidney systems. After all, the whole body must thrive in order to have luscious, strong, healthy hair. The formula is based on ancient ayurvedic literature and traditionally used herbs for hair loss and weakened hair roots. The ingredients are mainly traditional ayurvedic herbs used in Ancient ayurvedic system of healthcare in India. The results of this hair growth vitamins formula are excellent. Benefits : 1.Acts as an excellent tonic to the hair and scalp 2. May help in promoting growth of hair and may help control hair fall 3. May enhance hair pigmentation and delays premature greying 4. May help in controlling dandruff
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